Divorce ends the marriage relationship that you had, but if you are a parent, you and your children are still a family. The family takes on a new form. It requires attention to become healthy and solid after divorce. Establishing or continuing a shared set of values for the new family can help to establish a core that holds the family together. Below are three behaviors together provide a value system that supports the healthy recovery of the family transitioning through divorce or recovering from a divorce.

  1. Showing appreciation. The family affirms the worth and importance of each member and looks for opportunities to show appreciation for one another. Family members avoid pointing out what they believe are deficiencies.
  2. Honoring differences. The family honors the differences in the family, different musical tastes, different fashion styles, different attitudes, different abilities.
  3. Non-judgmental listening. The family listens to one another without interruption and without judgment. Family members are sensitive to whether someone simply wants to be heard and understood before assuming that a solution or problem-solving is desired.