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Co-Parenting After Divorce: How to Make it Work for Your Family

2022-03-18T09:43:35-04:00March 18th, 2022|Parenting and Co-Parenting|

Co-parenting after divorce can be a challenge, but it is definitely doable if both parents are willing to put in the effort. In this blog post, we will discuss some tips for making co-parenting work for your family. It is important to remember that every family is different, so you will need to find [...]

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Divorce During Coronavirus and Parenting Time (COVID-19)

2020-04-10T10:47:40-04:00April 9th, 2020|Divorce in North Carolina, Parenting and Co-Parenting|

As the North Carolina Stay-At-Home Executive Order 121 enters its second week because of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we’ve been asked by separated parents what to do about sharing time with their children when they’re not in the same home. Both the Wake County and the North Carolina statewide Stay-At-Home order specifically make the travel [...]

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Common Worries Children Have About Divorce And How Collaborative Divorce Can Help

2019-03-05T11:56:29-05:00January 30th, 2019|Articles, Collaborative Divorce, Divorce in North Carolina, Parenting and Co-Parenting|

Divorce is a time often fraught with worry and uncertainty. Many people experience an onslaught of conflicting and overwhelming emotions. Those things are true for adults who have at least some understanding and often somewhat reasonable expectations about what to expect. For children who are facing the process of divorce, it can be a [...]

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Parenting During Separation & Divorce

2016-12-06T10:21:14-05:00December 6th, 2016|Divorce in North Carolina, Parenting and Co-Parenting, Springfield Collaborative Divorce News|

Guest Blog by Michelle Topal, MSW, LCSW The Impact on Children Separation and divorce is a difficult, painful process for everyone involved. It usually precipitates significant change and loss, and triggers in most people deep feelings of failure, lack of control, rejection and abandonment. Many things have been written about the impact the change to the [...]

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What Do Mothers Need to Know About Divorce in North Carolina?

2016-11-16T18:19:04-05:00April 25th, 2014|Collaborative Divorce, Divorce in North Carolina, Parenting and Co-Parenting|

Divorce is tough on both parents and children. For moms there's an awful experience of what we call "premature separation" from their children. Even after children turn 18 and head off to college, it's hard to adjust to having the children out of the house. It's really hard to have the children out of the [...]

Planning for Divorce Part 2: What Are the Necessary Conversations

2016-11-16T18:19:04-05:00December 19th, 2013|Divorce in North Carolina, Parenting and Co-Parenting|

Once you have decided what your conversations will look like, you can move on to the more substantive conversations. Will we separate and will it be a trial separation or a permanent separation? Typically one spouse has a greater desire to separate than the other. Raising the possibility of a separation can be a difficult [...]

Planning for Divorce Part 1: Choosing How to Have the Necessary Conversations

2019-06-04T15:32:28-04:00December 19th, 2013|Collaborative Divorce, Divorce in North Carolina, Parenting and Co-Parenting|

When people research what it means to move toward separation and divorce, the first search topic is the law. Of course the Internet has vast amounts of information on North Carolina divorce laws. However, the laws that govern equitable distribution of marital property, alimony, and child custody are broad outlines of what a court [...]

Marriage, Mayhem, and Madness

2016-03-16T15:31:29-04:00March 14th, 2013|Parenting and Co-Parenting|

Though you once played on the same team, divorce has you feeling like you're playing on opposite sides of the court. But in the game of divorce, keeping score and blocking shots means no one wins. It's not uncommon to view divorce as a contest, like a basketball game, where one side must win and [...]

Ten Tips to Reduce Drama During the Holiday Season

2016-03-16T15:46:57-04:00November 14th, 2012|Parenting and Co-Parenting|

The holiday season can be difficult and stressful for recently divorced families and those going through divorce. During this treasured time of year, cherished family traditions may be altered or lost. Negotiating parenting time can become increasingly stressful for parents over holiday breaks due to pressure from extended family that is not normally felt during [...]

Post-Divorce Families: Seven Guidelines for Healthy Children

2016-11-16T18:19:05-05:00June 12th, 2012|Parenting and Co-Parenting|

In healthy families following divorce, parents focus on meeting the needs of the children, both physically and emotionally. Children are not there to meet the needs of their parents. The following list includes seven common behaviors of post-divorce families with healthy children. What's the first clue? Parents are parenting and children are allowed to be [...]

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