Name-calling, mud-slinging and insult-throwing do not have to be the norm when a couple decides to divorce. The Divorce Without Drama video series focuses on protecting families and finances while avoiding litigation. This 4-part video series addresses tough topics and dispels misconceptions. Couples considering divorce and the people who support them such as financial professionals, mental health professionals, family members, and friends will benefit from the information and the multiple viewpoints included in this video series.

How Can We Use Collaborative Divorce
If We Are Not Getting Along?

It’s Not the Court’s Job to
Protect You in Divorce

How Engaging a Child Specialist in the
Divorce Process Benefits Your Family

Using Collaborative Divorce to Protect
Your Family, Finances, and Future


Springfield Collaborative Divorce


  • Mark A. Springfield, J.D., founder and law partner, Springfield Collaborative Divorce
  • Kerry B. Burleigh, J.D., law partner, Springfield Collaborative Divorce
  • Brian Mackey, Ph.D., child psychologist, founder and partner at Springfield Collaborative Divorce
  • Michael Kothakota, CFA, CDFA, financial specialist, WolfBridge Financial