When a couple decides to divorce, there are issues related to children, assets and the post-divorce financial well-being of each spouse that must be considered and managed fairly for each person. Oftentimes, trying to have discussions around these issues on your own, with the stress of divorcing weighing heavily on each of you, becomes a contemptuous series of arguments and misunderstandings.

To alleviate this type of unhealthy dialog, we encourage each spouse to write down what his and her desires are as they relate to the issues of the parenting of the children, the division of assets and paying off debts, and the lifestyle desired once the divorce is finalized. The divorcing couple will bring their notes and together, with their “Collaborative Divorce Team,” will have what we refer to as “3 Key Conversations.”

The “3 Key Conversations” approach ensures that needs, wants and expectations are taken into consideration. Here’s what included:

  • A conversation about custody and co-parenting
  • A conversation about cash flow
  • A conversation about assets and debts

As Collaborative Divorce experts, we understand the value of having meaningful and positive conversations that help divorcing couples move forward and start the process of building a new life. Beginning with the 3 Key Conversations approach is a great start to creating a happier ending for everyone impacted by the divorce.