Springfield Collaborative Divorce attorneys are not your typical divorce lawyers. Our attorneys our guided by their sense of justice and their commitment to helping families move toward their future without the baggage and bitterness that are often byproducts the traditional divorce method.

Mark Springfield, J.D.

Kerry Burleigh, J.D.

What’s so special about our attorneys?

  • Practice area restricted to Family Law
  • Pledge not to litigate case in court—no trials
  • Guide couples toward mutually acceptable agreements
  • Help clients learn kind and effective co-parenting skills
  • Commitment to take the road less-traveled

Want to learn more about Collaborative Divorce?

We are aware that this process is unknown or unfamiliar to most people. Check out our Collaborative Divorce page, or contact us to schedule a private, thirty-minute, Collaborative Consult with one of our attorneys.