We received an email this week from a medical doctor who is married to another medical doctor. They have two children. One of them teaches at a university; the other has and owns an established medical practice. They are so worried about lawyers taking control of their divorce, or as the wife put it, “dragging each other through the law,” that they thought about turning to the Internet to choose a site that writes a separation agreement online.

Fortunately, the husband’s brother is a lawyer and told them they should steer clear of that idea given the many tax, legal, and practical considerations involved in drafting a separation agreement. It is always best practice for everyone pursuing a divorce—even folks like these who are able to reach an amicable agreement—to consult with an attorney.

Attorneys trained and experienced in collaborative law proceedings are ideal for this purpose. They are comfortable with allowing couples to have control over their own divorce, and they don’t insist on taking an adversarial stance. If a couple is finding that they are able to work through the details of getting a divorce, collaborative lawyers will support them with helpful advice and guidance without taking over and upsetting their ability to get along.