This is what Alec Baldwin would tell a friend whose marriage may be breaking up: “I try to tell people that, if they can, I say find a way that you can get into therapy and get into the collaborative divorce, you know, the dignified divorce because you are going to so regret if you don’t.”

What a great endorsement for the collaborative process! It’s wonderful to have a well-known and respected actor, who has been through a horrific divorce himself, publically acknowledge and even recommend the collaborative divorce process.

We’ve been telling anyone who will listen about the collaborative divorce option. Conflict within families and the effects of acrimonious divorces on children impacts our entire community. The collaborative divorce process can help reduce conflict and minimize the negative impact of divorce on the families involved and the community as a whole.

Like Alec Baldwin, help us tell anyone who will listen about the benefits of the collaborative process. Let’s reserve the adversarial court system for the few cases that really need a judge to get resolution.

Alec Baldwin recently appeared on the WNYC radio show “Death Sex + Money” to talk about his new book, “Nevertheless: A Memoir”. Hear the entire interview here: The segment where he talks about divorce begins at the 33:10 mark.